Friday, 30 May 2014

Vintage Tins

Here are a few of my favorite tins!
 Vintage Tins...

 I started collecting tins about 15 years ago because they looked so pretty and started using them for storage rather than decoration for baked treats, cards, buttons, ribbons, small toys, pencils etc.  I only buy them if they are unusual and a bargain, usually from opportunity shops.

Happy hunting!

 I love Christmas and use the vintage Christmas tin as a part of my Christmas display

The childhood memories that these tins bring back are amazing, such as the good old Quality Street tin!

 Old fashioned Tea Cake 

to put into your vintage tin,
 if it lasts that long!

60g butter
1 egg
180g self raising flour
90g castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3/4 cup milk 

Combine all ingredients & mix using mix master (or old fashioned hand beater) on slow until combined
Scrape sides of bowl & then mix
on high for two minutes
Bake in moderate oven 170-180 degrees for 20-25min

While still warm, brush with warm butter & sprinkle with a mixture of cinnamon & sugar.

A great winter treat 
with a cup of tea!


Latest beautiful cook book!

Nonna To Nana 
Stories of Food and Family by Jessie & Jacqueline DiBlasi 
is a lovely tribute to the secrets of traditional recipes & methods handed down from one generation to another with Love
Visit their blog

What I'm listening to...

 Sol 3 Mio

While I was cooking today, I was listening to a new CD called

 Sole Mio 
by three Somoan tenors called 
Sol 3 Mio

Just gorgeous!  

I highly recommend  it if you are feeling down & want to listen to something uplifting & forget your worries.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Here are a few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things

Afternoon Tea
This afternoon tea held in memory of our dear Mother, who we recently lost suddenly,
was a beautiful celebration of her life

A beautiful friend's homespun home

Rose & Lychee Jelly with Raspberry, Cream Eton Mess & Meringue

Vintage Floral card print with Lilly of the Valley & a Rose Heart garland

A beautiful vintage floral arrangement from

Rose-Scented Cupcake Recipe

125g self-raising flour
125g soft butter
125g caster sugar
2 eggs
pinch of salt (optional)
1 tablespoon rose water
2 tablespoons  milk

Pre-heat oven 200 Degrees 
Line muffin tin with patty pan cases
Place all cupcake ingredients into mix  master except the milk 
Mix on medium speed until combined and smooth, adding milk a little at a time
Don't over mix the mixture
Spoon into prepared patty pans & bake for 12-18min depending on your oven
Cooked when middle springs back
Cool & then ice with Rose icing

(Makes about 12)

Rose Icing
250g pure icing sugar
1 drop of red food coloring
splash of rose water
1 tablespoon of butter
whip adding hot water until smooth 
If mixture too runny just add more icing sugar & if too thick add more water

Happy Cooking!

St. Therese holds a special place in my heart

Hold our hands, Lord,
walk us through the loneliness
and the valley of our sorrows.
Hold onto us when we're too afraid
to think about the future.
Let us lean on you, Lord,
when we're too weary to continue.
Hold our hands, Lord, through the night 
until we see the light of dawn.

Author Unknown

Next month I would like to share my love of vintage children's books, so stay posted & bye for now!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beautiful Floral Elegance

Beautiful Floral Elegance


Hi  everyone,
Welcome to my blog. I am a working mum who loves vintage, country, homemade, retro, flowers, food and most of all, my precious family. I have been wanting to start this for a while, but kept on putting it off for one reason or another as I thought I wouldn't be capable of doing it.  I have endured some trying moments which have given me the strength to start, so here it is and I hope it brings you some happiness as putting it together has provided therapy for my soul.


Yours Truly,

Pink Rabbit

These are a few of my favorite things .....

David Austin Roses
The fragrant scent of English roses is so gorgeous

Heirloom Roses ....

Variety of scent & color ...

Love ... Happiness.... Elegance....

Forget Me Not!


The scent & taste of  violet is one of my favorite.  Try a glass of sparkling with a dash of French violet flower  syrup for a different taste sensation!  

It can be purchased at The Essential Ingredient.

Take care!
Pink Rabbit  x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Alice in Wonderland vignettes

 A series of vignettes of Lewis Carroll's original tale of Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist

 The White Rabbit- "I'm late, I'm late!"

The Queen of Hearts & The White Rabbit

 Which door will Alice choose?

I'm growing bigger and bigger!

I'm shrinking!

A dedication to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

The world of Vintage Homespun!

Comfort, joy, inspiration and love

Fruits of our labour after berry picking in the Yarra Valley

What the caterpillar perceives is the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.

A tribute to my love of Christmas and cooking

Cath Kidston inspired home comforts add color and happiness to any space

Vintage and retro kitchenalia adds warmth & a country feel to an urban kitchen

Chocolate tart with raspberries -Yum Yum!
1 x packet of dark chocolate shortcrust careme pastry
400 ml thickened cream
2.5  x 180g dark Nestle Plaistowe chocolate (can use a combination of dark & milk chocolate if you prefer)
1 x tsp caster sugar
1 x pinch of salt
20 g butter
1 x punnet of fresh raspberries

Pre-heat oven 180 degrees C

  1. Spray loose base tart tray with canola oil
  2. Line tart tray with ready rolled chocolate pastry
  3. Blind bake for 10 -12min at 180 degrees in a fan forced oven
  4. Place cream & chocolate into a double boiler & stir until chocolate has melted. Add sugar & salt to chocolate mixture, stir until combined & smooth
  5. Take off heat & add butter
  6. Remove pastry base from oven once cooked & allow to cool
  7. Pour ganache mixture into tart case & refrigerate overnight for best result
  8. Decorate with fresh raspberries & serve with cream
Wicked but Yummy!

An interesting terrarium display with a scientific edge

My mantra for sanity when life gets tough

"St Therese,The Little Flower, please pick me a Rose from the Heavenly Garden and send it to me with a message of Love.  Ask God to grant me the Favor I Thee implore and tell Him I will Love Him each day More and More."

An Alice in Wonderland vignette

A sampling of some of my favorite things that bring joy to my heart and gratitude.